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Experience Counts
For more than 20 years, the law firm of Rose & Rose has been exclusively representing landlords in residential and commercial Landlord-Tenant litigation. In 1992, brothers Peter and Todd Rose combined their talents and accumulated work experience at top New York City law firms to form Rose & Rose. Stemming from a desire to deliver a more personal experience to their clients, Peter and Todd have always stuck to their core values of integrity, trust, diligence and perseverance.

Though the firm has added Partner David Haberman and grown to 10 attorneys, the firm's mission to provide the best possible service at the best possible rates has remained unchanged. You will find that the experienced, dedicated attorneys at Rose & Rose will work harder, will be responsive to client needs, will communicate openly with clients and will always be mindful of finding the most efficient and cost-effective resolution to every case.

Diverse Clientele
A recognized and highly regarded leader in New York City real estate, the firm currently represents over 80 landlords and management companies throughout the New York City Metropolitan Area. Our clients represent a broad portfolio of urban real estate ranging from luxury high-rise buildings of 200 to 900 units to mid-size and smaller buildings in all areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens. Rose & Rose prides itself on its personalized service, its preparedness and its high degree of professionalism in both its conduct and the superior quality of its work product. Regardless of portfolio, each client is given personalized and professional attention throughout the course of the relationship.

Well-Versed in all Real Estate Proceedings
Navigating the New York City court system is no easy task, but the attorneys at Rose & Rose bring a wealth of experience and a tireless work ethic to every case‚ÄĒcommunicating with clients every step of the way. And when our attorneys are not in court, they are keeping current with the latest changes to city codes, real estate laws, and industry trends to best serve client needs. Rose & Rose establishes long-term relationships by offering our clients extensive experience, quality service and unparalleled personalized attention in all areas of Landlord-Tenant litigation, including non-payment proceedings, holdover proceedings, appellate practice, DHCR matters and bankruptcy proceedings.

Clients Come First
Our clients have the comfort level to know that if they have a question to be answered, a concern to air, or a change of direction to consider, we are a simple phone call or email away. We work hard to cultivate relationships and build trust over the long-term. When our clients hire Rose & Rose, they aren't just retaining the services of an expert law firm, but rather engaging in regular communications with Peter, Todd, David, our team of highly-competent associates and our indispensable support staff. Our clients never get lost in the shuffle.

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